It turns out that if you’re between the ages of 13 and 24, I know what you’re doing with 11.3 hours of your time. Your secret has been revealed.

A study conducted by Hunter Qualitative Research found that people ages 13-24 spend about 11.3 hours per week watching free online videos compared to just 8.3 hours of TV. Do you know where most of us are watching those free online videos? That’s right – YouTube. YouTube has been growing tremendously with some creators now making six-figure incomes from that platform alone.

According to, about 1.3 billion people use YouTube per day, and almost 5 billion videos are watched on the website per day. That’s quite a lot.

Since we find ourselves spending so much time on YouTube anyway (don’t act like you don’t), why not watch some creators that are actually worth our while?

Below are 8 YouTubers that will give you a unique and high quality experience with their content, personality and/or discussion.


Tara, the girl behind taraola, not only makes videos that need to win a few awards, but her videos tackle social issues in a way that many people can relate to. She’s not afraid to “go there” and leaves no stone unturned when creating her videos. She makes short films, fashion and discussion videos.


A woman with some of the biggest hair ever, Fran shows her passion for holistic health through her channel HeyFranHey. She talks about natural hair care, natural health remedies, mental health, and other topics. You’ll definitely feel a little more at ease after watching her videos.

Jenn Im

Jenn Im, a Korean American, uses her channel to document her life and to share her passion for fashion and beauty with the world. Not only is Jenn’s style unique, but her video quality and life adventures will keep you hooked.

Books Beauty Ameriie

One reason her almost 42,000 subscribers love her is because of her awesome book reviews, but it’s also because she’s given the world some of the best R&B hits. Yes, we’re talking about the Ameriie, the singer whose vocals are on the song One Thing that makes you want to get up and dance every time you hear it. Just like her channel name suggests, Ameriie talks about books, beauty, and also fashion. She also does vlogs and shares personal videos.

Marques Brownlee

Anytime you need to look up some kind of tech video, Marques is your guy. He tells you all you need to know about phones, tablets, laptops, and anything else electronic. He also does it in a high quality and engaging way. On top of that? He’s under 25 and one of those YouTubers who’s making bank with his videos. Just throwing that out there.

Niga Higa

Ryan Higa started out making videos at his home in Hawaii. Now, he’s got a whole production team, has been all around the world, and partners with celebrities. Talk about starting from the bottom. Ryan Higa makes parodies, rants, and other kinds of videos meant to entertain and crack people up. He’s most famous for his video titled “Why Selena Broke Up With Justin.” Not only that, but he and some of his friends made a K-Pop song as a joke, but it ended up landing on iTunes’ top spot in the K-Pop genre.

Ambria E.

A girl who recently graduated college, Ambria uses her channel as a video diary, a way to talk about adulting, and navigating post-grad life. She also talks about self-discovery, natural hair, books and music. When watching her videos, you follow Ambria’s journey and you get to realize how similar it may be to your own.



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