Amnesiacide. Noun

  1.     The loss of a large block of memory as a result of cultural, spiritual, economic and religious genocide

  2.     What happened to Black people during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Slavery stripped Black people of our names, our culture, our religion and our god. It stripped us of the knowledge of ourselves.

It forced us to reinvent ourselves.

Our ancestors who were stolen from their lands in Africa were not people swinging from trees in the jungle, but they were skilled in the knowledge of civilization building.

Why else would the slave-master force them to build his American society?

When slavery ended, we formed about 60 Black towns in America.

But our former slave-master and his corrupt laws pushed us down. Then integration came, and in our rush to assimilate, we stopped building and working for our own.

So, slavery caused us to lose the knowledge of ourselves, and the aftermath caused us to degenerate from nation builders to a dependent people.

Today, we suffer from the symptoms of amnesiacide, but we are gradually building ourselves up back into the kings and queens we once were.

The Cultural Revolution is a big part of the restoration of the Black identity. Writers are writing about the Black experience; artists are drawing it. Music artists are rapping and singing about what it’s like to be Black in America and how we should start doing for ourselves and establishing our own businesses.

Black-consciousness is at an all-time high.

You may have the misconception that restoring the Black identity means reverting back to the African culture we are descendants of. In truth, restoring the Black identity is restoring the part of ourselves that made us the mothers and fathers of civilization, the part that made us creators, owners and gods.

Slavery stripped us of much, but it also gave us the tenacity and the persistence to survive. Though we suffer from the symptoms of amnesiacide, we heal with the medicine of remembracity.

Remembracity. Noun

  1. The restoration of a large block of memory as a result of cultural, spiritual, economic and religious tenacity of life

  2. What’s happening to Black people in present time



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