When I look at my beautiful Black people full of melanin

I see gods walking in the midst of human beings

And then I get to thinking about the evident

Ingrained power inherited by the Supreme Being

I look up at the sun and then I get to thinking

About the Black Scientists, and I get to seeking

Supreme Knowledge, and I make a three-sixty

Back to God and I research His Divine City

In the sky and I think about the Valley

Of Decision and teach my people happily

About the decision they must make in the valley

And about God’s Kingdom, Everlasting City

And about how they must make a 360

Turn back to the Original Scientists and go seeking

Knowledge from the Son, they must get to thinking

About their ingrained power from the Supreme Being

That should prompt them to look at their beautiful Black skin

Especially when they are gods in the midst of human beings

Roaming this earth with beautiful Black skin of melanin


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