This was the best Saviours’ Day ever! Being at Saviours’ Day to me is a glimpse of the hereafter and it’s truly heaven. I met a lot of people last weekend and I want to thank every single one of you who gave your testimonies and feedback because I learned a lot listening to Allah THROUGH you, it has given me clarity and inspired me to go even harder with my videos… of course meeting our spiritual father the Honorable Minister was the greatest moment, but second behind that was how many YOUTH I met who were inspired by my videos and many of them wanting to get into entrepreneurship because of them. 💎💎💎

So many of the youth were walking up quoting my videos and telling me how they are going to be entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers and one said he just wants to help the Nation Of Islam🙌🏿.

The brother at the bottom right is my little brother Josh who I’ve had a dialogue for half a year with on Instagram and guided him into the Nation Of Islam and we now have met at Saviours’ Day! Brother Nuri Muhammad said it best, a youthless movement is a USELESS movement. All praise is due to Allah. HAPPY SAVIOURS DAY!



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