Art by Robert Huffstutter

The music plays, and I sway and sway

Dancing to sweet music all night and day

Pushing my troubles aside asea

Just let me dance and leave me be


“How can you dance?” they say and say

While your people are dead from day to day

How can you push your troubles asea?

When my Black son is hanging from a tree?

Lynched, raped and you just wanna let It be


Yes, the music plays, I sway and sway

Dancing to the music all night and day

Pushing my troubles aside away

But then one day, a light, a ray

Cause we all got shot says Game one day

And Usher says we still in chains

World problems erode away my sweet escape

And so I’m left to face the reality of today


Music was a void that let me escape away

But now I’m forced to see the boy hanging and swaying

The girl shot and laying

In her own pool of blood, and the trees, the trees

Soaked with the blood of Bloody Sunday

The sky is bleak because I no longer see

The brightness of the sweet music-filled day

My ears are open to hear the true music

Of people crying, I hear them pray and pray

For a brighter day

That will never come

If people just want to sway and sway

And not hear the lyrics being cried away



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