Because we’re all social media activists summing up Black death into a post

His Twitter account’s a ghost, body gone but let’s retweet, retweet, retweet then roast

The racist trolls that comment and so we end up in a forever debate

But we never take the conversation outside of social media’s gate

Like, retweet, retweet, repost, like, favorite, quote

Instas and SnapChat our new underground railroad steamboats

Yet we’re not really involved in the struggle, we’re detached

Talking about we woke when all we seem to do are hashtags

#NeverForget Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown

But what are we doing to keep the next Black target from being gunned down?

21ST century Harriet Tubman so-called freeing people with a tweet

And yeah I know words are powerful but they don’t stop the beasts from eating

Soaked in savagery, blood and all you can do is post a snap

On the Gram and Facebook and overlooking the real life trap

Fandoms on Tumblr but you can’t tumble your way to freedom, justice

Do it yourselves on Pinterest while politicians causing do it themselves destruction

Retweet, retweet, post, favorite, like

And yeah a like can raise awareness but you leaving out the real life strike

Blocked, reported but you can’t block the gun aimed at your head

And we say we’re staying woke but we’re all still a little dead

No progress, no change so how woke are we really, are we really?

We say we woulda stood with Harriet but she would’ve been real busy

Retweet this Harriet, Retweet that and pull us out of our mental cave

Free us, Harriet, free us, for we’re the 1000 that know we’re slaves

See, there’s a place for the underground social media railroad

But sometimes we gotta go from the tweets to the streets to really attain the justice we’re owed

So retweet, post, favorite, comment, like, quote, retweet

Then meet me behind the screen, #staywoke in the streets


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