The Light struck the eye just right.

What a blessing.

Continued on to the pineal gland and created a vision.

At least that’s what I thought it was.

But it was a realization.

An unveiling of hidden Truths.

Hidden from me and You.

Powers exercised daily by Us but never fully expressed.

That’s what makes it hurt to see.


Your following days wondering, “why he awaken me?”

The rays on the blinds were beautiful.

Knowing I’m a god was beautiful.

Knowing my brother is destroyed but he never tarries the thought can be brutal tho.

Especially when they don’t believe what you saying;

Thinking your delusional.


“Is this guy a conspiracy theorist?”

“When yall papers went up to $2 dollars?”

“I just came for the fruit cups and the pie.”

Babies dying in the street

“But let me debate with you on what my teacher told me.”

Cult activity.

Low activity.

The Dead is Rising.

The ration so wide in the sea of death

And since you’re the One that is woke,

You are the lifeguard.

No one feels your pain because they don’t understand.

They just know to take your hand when you give it.

Depending on where your going and how far;

And what does it have to offer.


Can’t take them too deep out of their comfort zone.

The shoreline shall be the limit.

Where they can dibble and dabble in it.

One foot out.

One foot in.

So you have to keep a good eye on them.

Even though sometimes they can make the sea look tempting;

The parts that you used to like.


The wide-awake man is always angry

Because he has so much to do with so few hands.

Their only gift is your pain..

Your pain of being woke.

Woke to your Enemy.

Woke to the Truth of Yourself.

Woke to the reality of your God.

And all you have is the latter.

But your nothing without them both.

For they work together to make You.

Woke while this surgery is in progress.


Can’t drug you up

Because you must learn from every painful mistake

So you will never go back.


For a Leader has no backwards in him.

No sense of retreat.

A spiraling staircase up into God.

Feeling every step.

Learning to be grateful for every stage;

Especially when you look and see them following.


  1. That’s extremely beautiful and powerful it holds truth covered in a world convinced of only illusions. It’s extremely hard being a light in a world surrounded by darkness trust me I know. ✨


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