I was accused of flirting with a White woman

But because I was Black, in their eyes barely human

I was 14-years-old when I was brutally tortured

After this brutality, I was murdered

Who am I?


Emmett Till


My death was the nail in the coffin of White supremacy

I went to the store to purchase skittles and tea

George Zimmerman shot me in the chest

Protests were sparked when he didn’t get arrested

Who am I?


Trayvon Martin


My friends and I were so-called perceived as threats

My killer went to eat pizza as if taking life was no sweat

Playing music too loud was my horrible crime

Now Michael Dunn is doing his time

Who am I?


Jordan Davis


I was a Black teenaged girl who got into a car crash

I knocked on the wrong door and got shot in a flash

My killer claims that for his life he was afraid

So, he took mine, but now justice is being paid

Who am I?


Renisha McBride


I was an unarmed man who got into a car crash

I was seeking help, but instead got lashed

By a Charlotte police officer I was shot 10 times

Because I am Black, my killer hasn’t done time

Who am I?


Jonathan Ferrell


My organs were removed and I was stuffed with newspaper

My death is mysterious and they haven’t found my invader

They claim I tripped but there’s a deeper conspiracy

My organs were taken and sold is one theory

Who am I?


Kendrick Johnson


I lived in Ferguson, you know my face

Because of my death, tensions rose and tanks rolled in place

I was an unarmed teen whose crime was walking while Black

I had my hands up but the officer still attacked

Who am I?


Michael Brown


I got shot in Ohio at 12-years-old

The gun was probably fake was what the cops were told

They perceived me as an adult and did a drive-by

They say it’s not White supremacy’s fault but my fault I died

Who am I?


Tamir Rice


I was put into a chokehold and said I couldn’t breathe

Officers subdued me as I laid underneath

I had major health problems, the life was choked out of me

My killer, Daniel Pantaleo, is still walking free

Who am I?


Eric Garner


In South Carolina a patrolman fired 8 shots

He said he feared for his life after a traffic stop

A video proved otherwise when it showed me fleeing the scene

My case is another one where an officer acts as a war machine

Who am I?


Walter Scott


I was dragged to a police van, and the officers weren’t releasing

I was arrested in Baltimore and had trouble breathing

I died from an injury to my spinal cord

Officers were suspended with pay, a sign of justice being ignored

Who am I?


Freddie Gray


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