Taken by Maureen Barlin

Scream and chant Black Man.

“The Black Man is God.”

Recite the speeches of the elders.

Expound on the books that were written.


Let the Garvey’s, the DuBois’,

And the Muhammad’s live through you.

Though whatever you do,

Make sure we feel you.


May our children’s children build

With your name in their minds.

Like an athlete’s favorite artist

Playing in their earphones;

Bringing out the best in them.

So they can produce results.



May your preaching of Jesus teaching Peter

To be a fisher of men.

Produce fish markets

And the tilling of lands.


May the spiritual unity of the people

Be tight enough to feel each other’s pain

And weather the fall

Of one world going out

And a new kingdom beginning.


May our lawyers look into policies of white supremacy

And bring forth it’s ending.

May we be civilized;

Demanding global respect.

Not just due to our morals

But economic power.


Fair shakes with square chins.

No more bowing as a consumer.

With those that don’t love us

And won’t give back;

But respect for the liquid gold that fueled

That old world.


Standing on our own two.

Teaching the youth of our past.

Starting ‘waaay’ before slavery

In schools of our own.


Knowing that the black body is the prototype

And slightly different.

And not to be guinea pigged

Or test monkey’d.

But cared for by the best,

From the best,

Of the chosen of God.


The cries to the Universe finally had filled

And poured back to Earth in manifestation.

So now we can feel

The realities of much

In which we mourned for.


Then, shall our burdens be light.


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