You ever wonder why you so black?

The first life out of triple darkness.

Your legacy can’t be tarnished.

You don’t reflect light, you absorb it.

Those stars aligned around you they orbit.

Those crevices that adorn your back, serves a genetic roadmap to your existence.

Planting seeds of resilience, I admire your brilliance. Dominating in any arena you compete in. The secret lies in the richness of your skin. The arch in your back, bending never breaking using barriers built to break you, building the unbreakable. It’s evident, your inheritance, so you brag different. First name greatest, last name ever, so you dab different. Imagine a man so focused, he only looked up because God told him so. He has the ability to capture your soul with the bass from his voice.

Greatness embedded in your DNA so you don’t have a choice.

I mean darkness is the only time the stars shine.

We value you, all over the world we find you in different hues.

You want to know how old you are?

How old is the Earth? How old is Water? How old is  Electricity?

You are magnetic, for your black skin please don’t be apologetic.

It’s about time somebody.

You are our superhero, not our kryptonite.

So pardon me for staring. But your essence has me enraptured, captured by your ability to persevere. Please continue to preserve, because as long as you come back this black woman would always be right here.


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