It’s about that time where both high school and college graduates are settling into life after graduation. It’s one of the biggest, most exciting and also scariest transitions you’ll ever make in your life. The biggest question that’s probably on your mind right now is, “What’s next?”  

If that’s your frame of mind, then right now is a good time to sharpen up your professional development while you figure out the next step. Even if you know the next step, it’s always good to be a few steps ahead.  

Here are some websites that can help you to sharpen your resume and gain some skills that could help you in your current/future job hunt, or help you to start a business.

1. Resume-Check

A resume is a basic necessity when it comes to professional development. It’s not everything, but it’s one of the first things a potential employer looks at when hiring someone. It’s true that a resume can’t completely define you, but it is a great way to round-up all of the amazing skills you have. For the best results, a resume should be easy to read, have certain keywords, and a seamless, eye-catching design. allows you to submit your resume and get it critiqued for free. The website will provide you with a report card that will, in turn, help you to make your resume even better.

2. Coursera

One of the best things about the internet is that it doesn’t only give you a place to be entertained, but it also allows you to be educated for free. Insert, a website that’s home to thousands of free courses from institutions of learning all over the world. You can take courses in every subject imaginable, all free of charge. Why not take a course in communication, coding, design, or any other field that could enhance your skill base and your resume? Even Apple offers iTunesU which has the same idea as Coursera. Take a course or two during your free time.


If you’re not exactly job hunting, but want to start your own thing, has you covered. Just about any question you have about starting a business can be answered through an article on this website. They also have podcasts, videos and other resources to help you hone in on your idea, make a plan and execute it.


Black Enterprise is known for its amazing stories and features about Black business and lifestyle. They also have great opportunities for you to learn and grow through their Entrepreneurs Summit and other events that have gained major attention. This website focuses on Black entrepreneurs and business people, but it’s a great resource for anyone.

Are there any other websites that can be helpful to others? Let us know in the comments!


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