Dismal Courtier

His light is not the brightest

But his title is heavy.

And unknown.


His state is weak

And dreadfully mysterious.

Not knowing if he’ll go good or bad.


In consequence, he’s avoided.

Dismissed and looked over.

Even targeted if seen as a threat.

An outcast.


Accordingly, he gets to be the conductor

In this social experiment.

For he feels the hate of his open Enemy.

The fear of his elders.

The worry of his parents.

The lack of faith from his spouse.


But behold!

He’s an advisor to Our King.


Not over table talks

But through sheer energy.

Absorbing all of this life

In this strange land.


And issuing it out to the Creator

So the torchlight shall be befitting

When it’s his time to rule again.


If they but knew.

But then again,

This prophesied recognition

Wouldn’t be as genuine.


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