Art by Tofu

I felt a change in the air.

Anytime I woke up with a twist in my stomach, a change was definitely coming. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But definitely soon.

Would the birds come flying at great speeds today as they did last week? Black crows landing amongst the people, pretending as if they were one species?

Will tornadoes rip through the midwestern part of the land as they did yesterday? Tearing apart homes and schools and hospitals…? Killing all in their path?

Or perhaps, this change is one that has never happened before. Maybe the people will finally come to know – to understand – that this was not the way of life they are to live. Perhaps they will rise up to force the dictatorship to come to a halt and find themselves in a new way of life, a better way of life.

Oh, what hope I felt. The hope of a change for the better.

No, don’t get ahead of yourself. Remember – they don’t even know they’re in a dictatorship.

That’s right.

They think this is how things are supposed to be. They think this is…ordinary.

To be poisoned physically and mentally, to be naked, to the disrespected. They think this is…acceptable.

I sighed, hanging my head low. When will they come to know? When will they come to understand?

I rose from my bed and walked across the creaky wooden floor, accumulating dust on the soles of my feet as I made my way to the window.

I reached for the gray curtain and pulled it aside to reveal the bright skyline that lit the city. The people, they partied and prostituted and sold drugs to the vulnerable. They were killing themselves.

Oh people, why won’t you look up? Why won’t you ask the God to comprehend the things that are right in front of you?

I wondered if they ever stopped to think that perhaps…this is not how things were meant to be.



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