The most important and exciting adventure you can take is self-discovery. So let’s go! All you need is a pen, a journal and a little time.

Now with ALL that we have to do on a daily basis, this important journey can go undone. You don’t always need a lot of time for journaling, but that’s up to you. You can take as little as 15 minutes to jot down a thought, inspirational quote or even a small sketch to help you remember what you wanted to document.

You know how talking to someone about something can help you sort out an experience? Well, when journaling, you are having a conversation with yourself.

Writing down your thoughts on each page can be viewed as a single leaf or an aspect of yourself. Then, when you go back to read all the pages, you get to see more of the whole tree or your whole self. You can see behavior patterns, growth or even a part of yourself you didn’t notice before, like a talent or skill.

The healing power of journaling decreases your stress and increases your creativity and memory.

When you take a moment to write in your journal, the energy of that experience transfers into the words in your journal. Something may be unpleasant to you at the time, so you write it down. In the act of writing it down, you are going over it again, which reduces the charge and stress from that experience. Then you are able to view it more objectively. Reducing your stress helps your mind and body function on a higher healthier level overall.

Taking time to journal centers you and helps you focus on you and your emotions. So carve out a time in your day for YOU!

The mornings are best, but anytime you can do it is fine. It can become something you look forward to.

A few tips on setting time aside for journaling

The Mornings – Already have your journal and your pen next to your bed. When you wake up and your mind is fresh, before you get out of bed, take this time to write down your thoughts or a dream, even though it may not seem to make sense. Then later in the evening, go over what you wrote and see what answers or insight you get.

The Evenings – Before going to bed settle down with your journal and write down your thoughts and what stood out for you that day. You should also go over what you wrote the day before and see what else you can get out of it.

Journaling is good for men and women because we all can use a little less stress. And remember: this is your own private time to only share if you choose to.

Journaling is a small effort that makes a BIG difference in your life. Just think: once you have written your journals, you can go back and gather them to pass on your knowledge of experience as your legacy OR start writing a book to inspire others.


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