Choice and Will

We have ‘a’ freedom

But no independence.


A freedom to a choice

To do what thou wilt …

And a freedom to do

What is required of Us.


Of course, the gaiety of doing

What one wilts builds nothing.

Just rides the inclining wave of far-gone ritual.

Handed down subtly like baby food.

Ultimately basking in sin.


Savage culture. Contrary to Our own.


Willing one’s self to do what’s required of him

Is against the tide.

But those who endure shall keep afloat.

Standing out woefully to the nay-sayers

Though respect for your strength is in their heart.

Standing stronger than their desire

To discipline themselves.


Breeds envy and love

But you cypher between!

And guard against…

When an individual will himself from the destructive

Duty this world widely imposes on us,

Then he has earned his independence.


To truly be himself.


  1. Knowledge its self King preach..we wake up everyday to be cashiers security officers cargo agents extra: not understanding we are giving our time doing what we must and not what we want. Self identity has been striped since slavery instead of Kings in Queens we work for the dollar never finding our souls value. This has forced us to build for our enemies and destroy our brothers in sisters to be at the top of the systematic ladder of wealth which is just papper we must search for spiritual wealth 1st..great piece King i enjoyed reading it keep it up Peace Peace Brother


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