Have we been properly educated?

For who and what purpose?

Degree in one hand; application in the next.

Is it worthless?

Have we discovered Ourselves?


To what does the average high school curriculum serve?

Uprooting so many traditions into (or under) one umbrella.

Its proper name is Imperialism.

So not literally an umbrella but something you can’t see,

But it’s early in your development

Like an arcella.

Did we get off to a good start?


What’s the big difference between Friedrich Frobel’s kindergarten

And Elijah Muhammad’s providing the solution of Separation?

Besides the fact that Elijah went to jail for taking Us out of

The Colonizers’ school.

Frobel created a separate space for children at a pivotal point.

Their first taste of independence in a classroom operation.

That should sound familiar if you ever been in the Nation.

Elijah was teaching Us about ourselves,

Away from the Machine’s influence.


Sounds like a fair trade.


An Educator teaches, bound to a curriculum.

Hopefully it is agreeable.

An Educationist forms theories and philosophies toward ways of educating

To keep up with the time the Students are in.

Sometimes you have to be your own Educationist

To make your goals achievable.

I guess that’s why the A+ students work for the C- business owners.

“I did just enough to pass and not lose my soul.

I.e. my culture, my heritage, my family values, my Independence.”



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