With August comes the change of a season, the bright leaves, the animals scurrying in preparation for winter—the start of a new school year.

If you’re one in the approximately 17.5 million undergraduate students attending college in the United States, there’s a good chance that you might be living on campus.

In particular, if you’re entering as a college freshman living on campus, you might be experiencing a little bit of confusion. Everything is frantic right now, and your nerves are on high as you leave the nest.

We thought we would make your journey a little bit easier by providing you with this guide on dorm essentials.


This is a list from me to you. It contains some of the same items that was on my list going into freshman year. Use it as a guide. You may not need everything on the list. There may be other things you need but are not included. Personalize it to your liking.

Living on your own is a step towards independence. Reassure your parent/guardian that you have what it takes. Why?

Because you know the dorm essentials.

We hope the new school year treats you well and that you have a blessed semester!


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