Pen and padding.


Your life to some ultimate goal.


Let the ink sink into the paper.

Never fading into the stigmas

Of environment or former conditions.

No distractions

Of implied thoughts from main sources

That feed the world that we live in.


Not even the parent has the final say so

On your end goal.

Let education show you how to stay straight;

No matter the weather.

Attain credentials

And make them ten-fold.


Stay in your lane and have a blessed year.

Let fun fall into it.

Not the other way around.

I’ve seen those who partied and ‘turned up’ the most;

Years later with no firm ground.


Popularity is cool

But polarity stands true.

Let those that do them, do them

And urge yourself to be you.


The subtle not falling victim to social circles

Will prepare you for the world.

More than any praise of forefathers and presidents.

Or any Pythagoras Theorem.

From real life, they’ve never furled.


Be the best that you can be.

While getting the best out of your class.

It’s plain as the papers at its ending you receive.

That You are the one that will last.



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