Sometimes I close my eyes

And dream of a story.

I can see the story so clearly in my mind

It’s right there.


Everytime I open a book

There lies someone else’s dream.

Their words paint images so clearly in my mind

It’s right there.


But many times

The images being painted in my mind

Are deeper than what they appear to be.


Similes, symbolism, metaphors…

They convey messages we may not at first understand.


One fantasy universe may be symbolic of a prison system we have never experienced.

One white horse may be another way to describe fate and destiny.


Do we understand these messages?

The messages the writers try to paint within our minds?


I’m just trying to get like them.

To tell a story that goes deeper than the images in my mind.


Because there are too many issues in the world

To ignore.

There are too many bodies

In the grave.


I pick up my pen and use it

To paint images that go deeper

Than the skin.



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