I was told one thing,

yet I saw another.


This thing they put me in

is like no other.


The truth is,

I was definitely scared.


But you can’t quite imagine

how beautifully I fared.


Whereas I was once weak,

I became strong.


Whereas I lacked in love,

I feel that I belong.


Whereas I lacked guidance,

I now have direction.


Whereas I knew not God,

I now have an interconnection.


I was told this place would subject me,

make me less than I am.


But I’ve only found elevation here.

It makes me feel more than I am.


The world is so mess up,

and long ago I lost hope.


But now I see the truth,

that there’s a way for us to cope.


Divine Handout

is what I call it.


Seeing how we’re far from what God

truly wanted.


But what He told me to do was simple:

call His name and He’ll come.


It’s so funny and ironic

how He came to me in the form of Islam.


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