A so-called “Religion”.

An internal gift.

One, of your own essence.


Just asking application

By those, through supplication

From a rostrum or other platform.

Or in time, from The Book (Quran).


“Come to Allah (God).”

“Come to Prayer.”

“Come to Islam.”


Forming a solid foundation

On Five Pillars.






Pilgrimage to Mecca.


None far-fetched.

All-good for you.


To apply it you must love.

Creating the hardest task

And most solid grounds to dwell on;

Loving Yourself.


Innate without mystery.

For example,

It’s in you to aggress your aggressor.

Why turn the other cheek?

An action no prophet would agree with.

So they fear the “religion’s” militance.

It’s funny how the most things of essence

Are what your Enemy doesn’t want you to be.


It hurts to say the location of

Your first crib as a babe

Or your first Christmas dinner

Is not really your content residence.


Just a launching pad

Fired by certain levels of dissatisfaction

To set you in motion towards home.

Know your own and be yourself.


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