College is a pivotal point of a young adult’s life. It’s a place of self-discovery and independence; a place where young adults leave the nest and take flight on their new found wings.

Along with independence, however, is the responsibility to take control of your personal connection with God.

Mommy may have woken you up for prayer time in the morning. Daddy may have driven you to the mosque on Sunday. But now that you’re away from them, how are you going to maintain your faith?

Here are some tips for you to take the wheel of your spiritual journey:

1. Install a prayer app on your phone.

The five daily prayers are one of the five pillars of Islam. When I started attending college, I downloaded a prayer app that alerts me when it’s prayer time. Even if I am not able to get down on a prayer rug, I am able to say a small prayer in my head. The remembrance of Allah is the greatest force.

2. Join a religious organization.

Your campus likely has several religious organizations that you can get involved in. In the past, I’ve participated in the Muslim Student Association on my campus, and I also attend several events by A.G.A.P.E., which is a campus ministry that stands for “All God’s Anointed People Evangelizing.” A.G.A.P.E. makes the remembrance of God fun rather than a chore, as members worship Him through song, step, dance, and poetry.

3.Attend a local house of worship.

Whether you have a car, someone gives you a ride or you Uber, it’s important to maintain that connection to people that worship the way you do. If you live on campus, you can feel isolated in your faith, which can cause a separation in your personal relationship with God. By staying connected to a house of worship, you become like a plant that takes in the spiritual sunlight that allows you to grow and evolve.

There comes a time when mommy and daddy are no longer at the helm of your spiritual life. College forces you to get out of the backseat and take the steering wheel to drive your own connection to God. We pray you find these tips helpful as you continue your personal journey.


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