Photo by Aleksandra Mazur on Unsplash

Though he has the best of both worlds

And she has two of one.

With pride to the side,

His why for her calling should be done

To be at one.

She is strong in who she is

And her strength is his weakness.

His strength is for when she is faint.

His touch should be capable of being just as soft;

Consistent and frequent.


For the physical realm gives them attraction,

While the spiritual’s abundance helps them heal.

Both having frailties that the other

Has been exercising their whole life.


Like the woman sees a canvas as a white-lit backdrop

With colorful blooming of all sorts.

The sun and its rays,

Life’s adornments in some beautiful maze.

While the man sees the canvas

As a foundation to build substance and commodity on.

A world.

An army.


But how does he form it?

And what would hold up her beautiful world?


The ill plagues both their minds

Until they conform to their

Different but attracted kinds

Of strength and wisdom.


Healing each other’s weak spots.

Like a muscle never used before.

Painful and even nagging

Until strengthened and found useful.


Their newfound dependence on one another

From breaking their own yolks

And forming a cooperative, One.

Shining bright.

A new being.

As the rise of the Sun.


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