Unless you’re a fan of violence, I’m sure you agree that the condition of the world today can use some improving. So, where does change begin? It starts with determination.

Being a great doctor, artist, athlete, or even something simple such as getting your license, takes determination. Having a high level of determination to obtain something gives you the willpower to overcome any obstacle that may come in the way of obtaining that thing.

If today’s society needs a change for the better, then there has to be people with a determined mindset willing to change it.

We’ve protested, started hashtags and tried other things. Everything we have tried has been about convincing others to do something so that we can live a better life. No more. That is a mindset that will never bring about a positive change. If we are capable of doing something for ourselves, then why aren’t we doing it? Everything begins in the mind. If we want to see the world in a better condition, we have to first separate from an old mindset and emerge into a new one.

The Nation of Islam teaches that self-improvement is the basis for community development. We know how the old saying goes: change starts with you. Before you say “I need some groceries” and go to the usual Wal-Mart or Whole Foods, STOP! Now’s your chance to start making a difference. Find the nearest black business and go support! Building up our own communities, creating our own jobs and policing our own communities will not only pull us up from a position of beggars, but it will also reduce the crime and unemployment in our communities because we will see an increase in hope and positivity. Young people will know how to make money without selling drugs to the next victim.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that our love must deepen. We have to love ourselves enough, our community enough, to be determined to make it a better place. Without love, we will continue to be the world’s biggest complainers. There is always an opportunity to do and be better. If we stop calling our brothers “no good n—-” and our women “b—-”, we will no longer see ourselves as those derogatory terms, but instead, we will see ourselves as individuals capable of doing anything we want. Likewise with our children. I hope we can separate from our old way of thinking and doing things and instead, try something new by doing for ourselves.




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