If we would look at this past

Year in review,

It would be filled with gossip

Propaganda and war games.




Trump’s wall of distraction,

And lost stars of hope in our community.

Dennis Edwards

Aretha Franklin

Bill Cosby

Meghan Markle

Whether it be one’s life, one’s legacy,

Or bloodline from You and me.

Just the Universe’s cry out for a new people.

Lost Barbara Bush

And her husband.

Anthony Bourdain

And Stan Lee

There is no more room for comfort food

While we lose our lives

Upon watching the truth of Our

Powers inside of the We.

Understanding it must be executed from within.

Not from the light rays of the “big screen”

Manipulated by the morning’s son.

But from the core values in You

That survived all of the outside elements.

A renewing of the basics

That govern your crown.

The revitalizing of your Spirit

That helps the whole diaspora move on.

On to the Promised Land.


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