We all have a little hoarder in us, that voice that tells us to hold onto something that will never amount to any value. “But it was on sale!” says the voice; “You’ll use it one day…”, “There might be a use for it …”, and on and on it goes.

I had the same dilemma with a pair of shoes I kept for a while because they just looked nice. They were terribly uncomfortable but the hoarder in me reminded me of the great deal I got on them. But one day, after realizing how small my closet was getting, I decided to give them away as well as some other shoes and clothes I no longer wore.

It was my moment of renewal.

If the theme of 2019 is renewal, we should note that “renewal” is the “replacing or repair of something that is worn out, run-down, or broken”; restoration or reconstruction. What are we holding onto that is worn-out, run-down or broken?

Consider those clothes you bought from Nordstrom, Forever 21, Zara and/or H&M that became an impressive pile of yesterday’s trends. Consider that pair of shoes you know are painful to even look at but because Snapchat or Instagram made it big you kept them.

That flash sale you took advantage of on something you never needed and never will? Consider that too.

It’s perfectly fine to indulge here and there but when your closet becomes difficult to close or you’re finding yourself with significantly fewer funds, consider what you’re spending on and why. This year, make it the time to devalue materialism and attach yourself to the experiences versus the things in life.

The Holy Qur’an delves into man and woman’s inclination to worldly things in Surah 102, Al-Takathur:

“Abundance diverts you,

Until you come to the graves

Nay, you will soon know,

Nay, again, you will soon know.

Nay, would that you knew with ascertain knowledge!

You will certainly see hell;

Then you will see it with certainty of sight

Then on that day you shall certainly be questioned about the boons.”

Since we all want to refrain from the abundance of worldly things as the Holy Qur’an encourages us to, consider what is necessary and out of impulse on your next shopping trip.

Make a note of the items cluttering your room; start with your closet and give away the clothes you know you won’t wear and/or bought out of impulse. Give it to someone in need and don’t feel embarrassed about the tears that follow.

Just know that this is the start to a new year, a renewal of value to the life Allah (God) has given you.


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