When you pay homage to a Queen

You don’t honor Her figurine

Her long legs or thick thighs

Hair flowing and sensualized eye

As if that’s all She’s worth

When you pay homage to a Queen

You don’t treat Her like a screen

Objectify and sexualize

Her looks conceptualized

As if she’s not Mother Earth

To truly honor is to respect and protect

Listen to Her intellect

Her divine feminine energy radiates

As from triple darkness she creates

Taking immaterial and forming it into matter

Creating life from Allah’s batter

She is a manifestation of His power

She walks, head high, during the Hour

She stands tall, with Jesus by her side

She stays faithful, when he ‘dies’

When she loves her love becomes force and will

And with one look, the power to kill

Second Self, Mirror, the Reflection of Allah

And when she gazes, the honor of Farrakhan

When you pay homage to a Queen

It would not be in your favor to demean

To rape, pillage or plunder

She has the power of Allah’s thunder

Because She’s worth


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