Adulting. It’s that stage when you’re expected to pay bills, buy your own toilet tissue, pay student loans and deposit checks but you’re also expected to maintain a social life, discover yourself and actually get a job in order to fulfill the first half of expectations.

Adulting is the verb form of adult, but it’s different in that those who are secure in their adulthood aren’t found “adulting.”

Adulting is that fine line that lies somewhere between college and 35. You only “adult” when you’re too old for childhood but you don’t quite feel ready for 100% adulthood.

Welcome to the Joshua’s Truth Guide to Adulting 101.

In truth, I’m the wrong person to be writing this guide. I barely know how to “adult” myself. Alas, here we are, so we’ll go on this journey together.

Adulting comes with many sacrifices.

One sacrifice is in the way you spend your money. Instead of buying name brand, you have to buy Great Value.

When you’re truly adulting, your parents’ actions begin to make sense. You start to understand why your father picked up the knock-off brand of granola bars instead of buying Quaker Oats. As he said, it tastes the same anyway, but one is cheaper.

Another sacrifice is time. Sometimes you have to make the decision to choose work and internships over family vacations and get togethers.

The two sacrifices of time and money can intertwine. Making the conscious decision to work and save money while your squad is playing is a natural part of adulting.

That’s not to say it’s easy. At the same time, adulting too hard can leave you feeling burnt out. Healthy adulting includes finding a balance between maintaining your responsibilities and relieving stress.

That can mean taking some you time, watching your favorite show, reading a book, sleeping or socializing with friends.

Every now and then there’s a new trending article that talks about how millennials are becoming burned out at a quick pace. Part of the reason might be because we don’t know how to healthily adult.

Part of growing up is realizing that you are not a super-being; you do not have to save the world in 60 seconds.

Have patience with yourself and your journey. Life passes by fast, so why are you trying to speed it up?

The thing about watching your favorite movie is, there’s a pause button. There’s a moment when all of the action is suspended. There’s a moment to let out that deep breath you’ve been holding in.

And you know what the beautiful part is?

The beautiful part is that you can press play and the movie continues. Pausing does no harm to the movie.  

Adulting can be hard. There might be times when you go at it full-speed, but the point is, you don’t have to be at full-speed 24/7.

As you’re paying off your bills and student loans, don’t forget to pause. Go outside. Lie in a bed of roses. Smell them. Embrace the serenity in the cacophony of adulting.



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