I binged season two of the Netflix Original, ‘On My Block’, within the same day. All 10 episodes. All 4.7 hours. And I came up with nine reasons that you shouldn’t watch it.

1. It has a Black and Brown cast

If you dislike shows that focus on Black and Brown stories, you shouldn’t watch ‘On My Block.’ There are very few White people in the show. The main cast centers around Monse, an Afro-Latina, Cesar, Latino, Ruby, Mexican and Jamal, Black.

2. It has a sense of mystery, and the characters have secrets.

If you don’t like shows with a touch of mystery and characters doing their best to make sure secrets stay secret, you wouldn’t enjoy ‘On My Block.’ There’s a subplot within the main plot that carries over from season one, but you likely don’t care, anyway, so I’m not going to reveal more about it.

3. It is a testament to the power of friendship and family.

I doubt you like these types of shows. They’re too soft. Who cares about shows where friends are a family, right?

4. It’s funny.

If you don’t have a humerus bone, you shouldn’t watch the show. It will have you laughing until you can’t breathe. Serious minds, proceed with caution.

5. There’s adventure.

You walk the paths of the characters and you experience what they experience. You follow them on their wild, crazy adventures. It’s probably too dangerous for you, though, so you shouldn’t watch ‘On My Block.’

6. It teaches you the importance of being yourself.

You will get sappy life lessons from strongly developed characters. You don’t need those, though. You’re fine on your own.

7. It has magic realism.

There’s a touch of supernatural in the show that leaves the viewer questioning, “Is this really happening?” If you’re scared of gnomes, stay away.

8. There are twists and turns you don’t see coming.

The show will leave you hanging off a cliff while you’re simultaneously crying and laughing. Don’t approach the show if you’re scared of falling off.

9. It’ll have you in your feelings.

The last reason you shouldn’t watch ‘On My Block’ is because it will leave you laughing, crying, doing both at the same time and staring blankly at the screen like “What just happened?” Yes, it’s that bad, so don’t watch it.


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