It’s about that time.

Graduation is around the corner for many college seniors. You might be getting your cap and gown ready, planning your outfit, handing out tickets and finishing up any last minute preparations for the big event.

But still…are you really ready?

Sure, it’s one thing to prepare everything on the outside…but what about on the inside?

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready to walk across the stage.

1. Everything will turn out fine

Most graduates start to get anxious leading up to graduation. You start to worry about employment, moving, relationships, and more. Sometimes, your mind starts to wander to the furthest of places and you start to ask the deepest of questions.

If this sounds like you, take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything will turn out fine. You don’t have to believe it right this instance, but just tell it to yourself, and you’ll start to believe it soon enough.

It’s common to start to worry as graduation approaches, especially if you’re not where you expected yourself to be. But don’t trip over it. Graduation isn’t a pass to your dream life. It’s just one step closer to building it.

2. Know that things will change after graduation

Many college students think that college is the start of the real world. In reality, college is the start of the start of the real world. Life truly begins after college. Unless you had to completely support yourself throughout college, then once you graduate, adult responsibilities start to increase.

On top of that, whereas you probably had a group of friends to hang out with while in school, don’t be surprised if that changes. You or your friends may land a new job, leave the country, or something else, and you won’t be able to hang out like you used to. If you don’t have a job or somewhere to be…you’ll have to find reasons to get out of bed before 11 am.

3. Get rid of expectations concerning post grad life

Life hardly ever goes as expected. You probably know that by now. Maybe you expected to have a job after graduation and you don’t. Maybe you didn’t expect to have a job, and you do. Maybe you expected to enjoy your field and you don’t. All of that is fine. It just means that life is taking a turn you didn’t expect it to take, which isn’t all that unnatural, is it?

Get rid of any expectations you have about post grad life and know that everything will go exactly how it’s supposed to.

4. Embrace feeling lost

I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to who have experienced feeling lost after graduation, myself included. Yes…it sucks when you’re in it, but that feeling of being lost is your ticket towards finding what you truly want to do. It gives you the chance to explore, to go here, to go there, to do this, to do that… it’s your ultimate excuse to try any and everything under the sun! So go for it, and believe that you’ll find your way.


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