In the age of social media, a simple hashtag could provide the type of attention that aspire social and cultural revolutions. Hashtags such as #blackexcellence, #love, #photooftheday, #foodporn, #fitness, #traveltheworld, #justiceforsandra.

However, there is one hashtag that is emerging in the social media community, and that hashtag is #wearefarrakhan.

What could’ve inspired this recent emergence of a hashtag symbolizing the love for Minister Louis Farrakhan that so deeply finds abode in the hearts of black, brown, and all people looking for change rooted in love and faith?

As the National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been consistently targeted by maliciously driven media outlets. By attempting to smear his good name and works, they think they can turn people away from his impact and make his 42 year long movement less powerful.

Outlets such as Fox News, CNN, the Chicago Sun Times, America Magazine, and others have persistently kept at the attempt to smear his name. On  May 2, 2019, Facebook officially banned the certified accounts of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan on both its platforms. Facebook claimed that they have always banned individuals, organizations/movements that “promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology,” according to The Verge.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

As a result of what many call an unjust act, several people have spoken out against Facebook. Some of those individuals include hip hop artists and other artists that are highly respected within the black community, notably Snoop Dogg, Nick Cannon and Killer Mike. That’s just a few of the celebrities that have spoken out, however these artists were just a tiny percentage of those who have had their share of words on the ban on Minister Farrakhan’s pages. Many defenders of the Minister are within the black community, the brown community and the community of our indigenous brothers and sisters. Even some in the white population have spoken out against the ban, responding with a hashtag that has consumed the hearts of thousands, #wearefarrakhan.

This hashtag isn’t a hashtag alone, but it stands as words symbolizing the love the people whom desire to see a change have for the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, and it just shows how futile the efforts of Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook staff are.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during his 2019 Saviours’ Day address.

You cannot ban the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, for his very existence and work on this planet has proven to be more impactful than any social or cultural trend Facebook has offered in the decade and some change it has been running. #Wearefarrakhan is emerging by the thousands because the spearheads of this wicked system of government have run their course, and the people desire to see them removed.

#Wearefarrakhan is emerging because the people see, the divinity present within this man of God.

#Wearefarrakhan is emerging because black and brown people no longer want to see another one of their beloved leaders defamed unjustly, as if he had committed a crime.

#Wearefarrakhan is emerging because the people are tired of the false claims of antisemitism and homophobia and misogyny against Minister Farrakhan.

#Wearefarrakhan is emerging because people are tired of being lied to, and Minister Farrakhan calls out the liars.

#Wearefarrakhan is emerging because we, the people recognize that we are Farrakhan, and as long as we stand firm on the words of guidance and the truth that he shares and has shared with us for the past 64 years, Farrakhan can never be banned, and that he will remain on these platforms for as long as we say so.

We are Farrakhan!



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