As-Salaam Alaikum!

I have enjoyed every minute of being in the Farrakhan Twitter Army. I remember watching the ‘Time and What Must Be Done’ lecture series back in 2013 with my family. I didn’t have a Twitter account at the time, but I was always scrolling through the tweets of everybody who tweeted via the hashtags #Farrakhan and #TheTime. I thought it looked fun, so I wanted to join the Twitter army. And I did just that as soon as I opened my account on June 2014.

I tried my best to live-tweet whenever the Minister would deliver a public address, because he told the members of the Twitter army “you are my Ministers”, and he also said that they were his best helpers right now. I wanted to be among that number. So I thank Brother Jesse for showing us how to properly use social media to represent the best of what the Nation has to offer.


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