The only social media I had was Tumblr prior to 10.10.15, and after I made a twitter account for Farrakhan, it opened my eyes to a whole new world. Spreading the Teachings for Farrakhan and the NOI made me feel like I was really doing something for my Nation. Tweeting for #NOISundays eases my restlessness when I’m at the mosque.

It also made me realize that there wasn’t enough talk about him on Tumblr. So, with the help of Brother Jesse, I was able to make an official FTA Tumblr account, which got people talking about the Teachings. It also opened so many opportunities to fight in the name of Truth and Righteousness.

As a young(er) Muslim at the time, getting into these…”discussions” with people who didn’t agree with Farrakhan made me gladly study. If it weren’t for Bro. Jesse, I would’ve never found out that knocking falsehood’s brains out was one of my favorite Muslim pastimes. Bro. Jesse also had me speak before Farrakhan himself at the #FTA100 Awards, and that’s something I could talk about for days.

Thank you Uncle Jesse for being the best Commander-in-Tweet an FTA soldier could ask for.


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