At the beginning, I didn’t want to join the Farrakhan Twitter Army. I felt like I was more helpful in security in the Mosque and not studious enough to join. But then my Student Minister (Darryl Muhammad) encouraged me.

We started in 2014 with 8 members (4 Jr. FOI, 4 Jr. MGT, including me). We had a meeting with everyone on Sunday morning to go over the hashtag and what to use. After a month, Sis. Kenetta out of Atlanta tweeted, tagged Uncle Jesse and gave Macon, GA a shout-out. We continued. Almost a year went by and I lost all my Jr. FOI. Then, following the next year, there were just 3 of us.

2015 Holy day of Atonement, 10.10.15, we were asked to be part of a group to tweet, and I was so excited. That day, I met Bro. Jesse. He had such a warm heart and a beautiful spirit for what he does that it made me work harder after that day. I even tried my hand at debating, because I usually had someone else handle it. But his spirit gave me strength.

After that, the following event Sakinah, Yaminah and myself, the last left of the team in Macon, GA, were awarded as part of the FTA Top 100. That was probably the most exciting thing I’ve received in the Nation of Islam besides becoming a registered member.

I thank Allah and The Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan for putting a solider over the FTA. He became an uncle to all of us, and I really appreciate and am thankful to him for not giving up.


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