Thanksgiving is right around the corner — literally tomorrow, depending on when you’re reading this article. It’s about that time when people are flocking to the grocery store, trying to make last-minute preparations. Of course some people will be spending time with their families, but others are ready to make some memories with their friends. If it’s on your mind to have a Friendsgiving, below are some tips on making it perfect.

1. Make sure your friends get along

Imagine trying to enjoy a delicious meal, but two of your friends are right next to you, on the verge of throwing hands. Well, that could be a reality if you invite people who can’t stand each other.

Unless you’re using your Friendsgiving as a way to mend broken relationships (please be wise about this), make sure everyone who attends is on good terms. The last thing — the absolute last thing you want is for your dinner to turn into a shouting match that ruins the whole atmosphere.

2. Set the perfect scene

Admit it — the fall season gives most people a certain kind of vibe. Colors like brown, red and orange during this time of year just makes you want to be at home, enjoying good food. To make your friends feel comfortable, try to include this color scheme at your event.

If you live in places like Los Angeles or Miami, it can be harder to accomplish this. But, guess what? It’s not impossible. Just make sure to light candles, play the right music, draw the curtains and create that at-home sort of atmosphere.

3. Plan a menu that works for everyone

Of course, it’s not easy (or necessarily possible) to please everyone, but the menu should suit everyone’s overall tastes. If the majority of your guests don’t like cranberry sauce, then don’t pop it out on the dinner table and try to force it onto everyone’s plate. Substitute it for something else, or just get rid of the whole idea altogether. A group chat with all of your friends could really help; use it to plan the menu in one place so everyone can be on the same page.

4. Don’t put the burden on one person

If you’ve ever had a group project in school, and you were the loser who was left with all the work, raise your hand. More than likely, you understand the feeling of having all the burden placed on you.

Therefore, don’t try and take revenge; distribute the success of the event onto everyone’s shoulders. Everybody who plans to attend should be responsible for bringing a dish (unless you have friends who just can’t cook), everyone should be responsible for pitching in funds to make this thing happen. If not, you’ll have a bitter buddy during your event, and that’s never fun.

5. Be different!

One thing about Friendsgiving is that many of your friends probably come from different backgrounds. This is an advantage because it allows you to play with various flavors and styles. Who says you have to have a turkey, or meat at all? Maybe you want to do an Italian-style dinner or Caribbean-style. Maybe you want to have a vegetarian or vegan meal. There are no rules here.

I hope this helped you to plan out your event. Enjoy your time with your friends and family on this glorious day off!


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