With the global crisis of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, causing panic all over, we might want to take a minute to appreciate the bright side.

The shut-ins are causing families to learn how to cope with each other. My brother has been having sit-downs at the table, where the children get to say what the parent did that they disliked and vice versa, resulting in atonement.

Another positive look at the situation at hand is a fair wake-up call for disaster preparedness. Thank God the grocery stores have still been open, but what if they weren’t? This virus outbreak seems like a test run. 

Last but not least, this coronavirus crisis has been motivation to keep a necessary eye on our government. I’m not saying become a conspiracy theorist, but research enough to know what’s going on around you, enough to be able to read between the lines and enough to be on the same page so we won’t get left behind.

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