It’s no secret that 2020 has been a busy year. We’ve seen so much, between the coronavirus pandemic and the deaths of innocent Black men and women. Since social media is a place many of us spend a lot of our time, you might as well follow a few pages that will help you stay up to date on what’s happening, particularly in the Black community. 

Here are four pages to follow that will help you stay informed.

1. The Final Call

The Final Call Newspaper is a black-owned paper founded by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. It’s a weekly paper that comes out in both print and digital editions. You can find topics such as health, social issues, politics, spirituality and more. Although you’ll find issues affecting Black communities in America, you’ll also find information concerning Blacks all over the world/

2. Blavity

Blavity is an online platform that amplifies the stories of multicultural communities. It’s mainly for millennials and takes on heavy issues such as politics and social justice. But there’s also much to find under the culture and lifestyle categories.

3. Black America Web

Black America Web has been around for awhile, which is something you know if you grew up listening to Tom Joyner. The website covers just about everything dealing with Black issues, culture and entertainment. If reading isn’t your thing, there’s also much to watch to help you stay informed. 

4. Ben Crump

While Benjamin Crump is not a news outlet, his Instagram page is a wealth of insight and knowledge. Mr. Crump has had his hand in the cases of many Black men who have been slain by whites, including George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. He provides updates on his page, as well as more information you may not hear in the news. 


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