She borne a beautiful country

full of lies, more astute with

calumny perhaps.

Stone–blind elites dine on table

with ants on hills,  fats of ram―

a banquet on the lumens of

Africa’ power base rassle

with eyeless Patriots .


Leaders sway in plane lies,

 wear masquerades the mask

of sheep.

A great nation dies with division,

dishonesty in veins flows

like the wave of a beach in tempest.

Blessed are you with gifts from

the heavens,

yet with soap in eyes

on the cusp of leadership.

Alps are surmountable,

her alp with peepy eyes

look never to see wisdom

as future of offsprings blur.

Giant sailor of the third world,

always a toddler,

will your foxy ever embark

on a 

journey for utopia to behold

its blessedness?

When will you get a flawless


Cos gold is hard to get at―

a  panacea I seek not

theoretical sly .

36 set of members placed

before a Goliath are drunk


strength of authority,

never to save a dying

poor box.

Will she survive it,―

the weight of her sightless staffs.


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