We are coming up on a major national election, and people across the United States are voting like their lives depend on it. But the choices we have aren’t much.

The idea of voting for the lesser of two evils has become popularized, and the American people have become content with voting for either Satan or Beelzebub. 

During a state of emergency lecture at Union Temple Baptist Church in September 2016, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said, “I know many of you are voters, and you can’t wait to get to the polls, and I know what you’re telling people: ‘We fought, we bled, and we died to get the right to vote’—for the lesser of two very evil people. So, all right, which one is worse? Lucifer, Satan, or The Devil? The White/Black people will say, ‘Vote for any one of them—but exercise your right to vote!’ Now, I’m not telling you not to vote, I’m just telling you: You should know what the hell you’re voting for.”

His message was about a month or two before the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Now, the American people are being faced with a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Joe Biden has already stated he isn’t looking to enact major change, and we already know what we have with Donald Trump.

Black people are looking for major change in this country, but the fact is, we will not see major change by electing a new Pharaoh. 

In his book The Fall of America, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad provided guidance on the national election. He said, “We must remember that our vote is strong and powerful only when and where the white man can use it to get in the office over his White opponent. After the election and the victory, there are very few favors that come from his office to the Black voters who helped and aided him in getting in the office. Why? Because he does not owe the Black voter anything as long as he has to feed, clothe, and shelter him.

The Black vote could be cast or not cast. The White citizens of the government are going to win and continue to rule anyway.”

He continued further in the chapter, “This election is one of the most serious in the history of American government, because either party that seeks the office of presidency is faced with the problem of saving the lives of the people of America. …

The Black man should be very serious and careful about his voting because 90 per cent of the Black votes cast are cast by ones who do not have the knowledge of what they are casting their vote for.

I still say, as I have said for many years, vote for Allah (God) to be your ruler and come follow me.”

Choosing God and His Will to Separate

Within the United States’ 244-year history, the country has elected 45 presidents, none of which have solved the problems of the Black community. Yet, election after election, we continue to act as if our vote will bring about the change that we need. 

We have spent countless amounts of time and energy begging for a government to treat us right, which is systemically rooted against us. 

In his 2017 message titled Separation or Death, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said, “We can say with knowledge that the rulers of this world, who happen to be Caucasian, have not been good. We are proof of that. And their history proves that they have not been good, not only to Black, Brown, Red and Yellow, but they have not been good to themselves and their own people.”

It is time for us to try something different. It is time for us to try God.

When we hear the words “try God” or “vote for God” we don’t seem to understand that it’s real. It’s not a fantasy idea, because God is not a fantasy. So, what does “try God” really mean? It means accepting His solution to the toxic relationship between Black and White, which is separation. 

America has a price to pay for her treatment of Black and original people. Her original sin––slavery and the slaughter of Native Americans––must be addressed. We cannot continue to bury the sins of the past and present. God certainly has not forgotten them, and has even come Himself to save us from those who wish to do us harm.

Building our own sovereign nation is not a far off idea. That is how this great country we live in was created. The founding fathers of the United States of America left Britain and established their own nation here in North America. Why don’t we believe we could create something for ourselves?

For decades, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have taught us to separate so that we, along with God, can create a world “wherein no more hate would exist, no more murder, no more rape; none of us killing each other over color, over education, over substance that the White man hands out to the few that he hires and buys.”

How many more of us have to die before we see that we cannot live peacefully among White people?

So, let us accept God’s offer of separation. He’s willing to give us a land of our own, just like He gave to the Children of Israel, if we could just follow His word. 


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