As users of social media, we’ve seen many challenges come to light, but none are quite like the #ReflectingFarrakhan Challenge, a 30-day social media challenge for women of the Nation of Islam. Today is day one, and the challenge is underway!

The #ReflectingFarrakhan Challenge shows the unique expression and creative side of being a woman in the Nation, and it gives a glimpse into what it’s like. The challenge will run from January 28 to February 26, in commemoration of the birth date of Master Fard Muhammad, a Saviour come to deliver Black people in America out of the clutches of our enemies.

We’ve been perusing social media under the challenge hashtag, and here are some of the posts we’ve spotted so far!

Several women pointed out that sisterhood is their favorite thing about being a MGT (Muslim Girl in Training).

One highlight we’ve noticed is the 7 training units of the all-women’s class of the Nation of Islam: How to keep house, how to take care of husband, how to rear children, how to sew, how to cook and how to act at home and abroad. The training units were given by Master Fard Muhammad.

Many expressed joy in having knowledge of themselves as Black Muslim women and the power of femininity..

But again, women in the Nation of Islam have collectively agreed through the challenge that sisterhood and walking in the line of great women is a top favorite.


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