The question of a separate but equal 

Foundation of the Black man and woman in America 

Is one of urgency

And strongly opposed. 

Being that the world has been drawn

Closer and closer to our culture

To the point where she draws from it (in movies, media, etc.)

We should intend to get something in return.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad called for 

A separate state in Point #4 of What the Muslims Want (Final Call Newspaper)*

With his guidance above all, we take a look at some of 

What that structure consists of.

Love, Life, and Unity.

When I think love, 

I think knowing one’s self. Finding one ’s self. Loving one’s self.

Companionship and Comradery of those that fit what you find 

In Self.

When I think about Life

I think about Productivity. 


Health mentally, physically, and financially.

Unity being community. 


Security. Leading to governance. 

That is a beautiful structure for Our independence.

Equal treatment with all civilization of the Earth. 

We have made way for plenty. 

We love to serve and innovate as a people. 

We should do more of it for Ourselves.

When we study the past (Black Wall Street and others)

We see proof of the possibility and it’s fruitfulness.

Separation would take a respect for such structure. 

Separation consists of agreeing to disagree

And respect for one’s decision.

So it won’t be any turmoil due to lack of understanding.

We know, due to Our history together, that Our former slave master’s children are 

Emotionally attached to his former slave.

So what we do and say, affects each other.

So, consensus is of its most importance in 

Our separation.

Firm ground, for advancement.

No one left behind.

America knows how much she has profited off of Us in slavery

And what she profits off of some of her terms, sport, play, and entertainment today. 

Being that she knows, 

She should understand Our request for such support

In our independence and further establishment of 

Institutions, industry, and other opportunities

To raise the Black population in the way We need to be.

Acquiring high civilization and equal treatment amongst All.

There is nothing bias about Our people. 

You know, “If we have it, You have it.”

And that may be Our problem sometimes. 

Though history shows that we have gifted this country,

This world,

So much, that it had to be ordained by God Himself. 

And he came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad on July 4, 1930.

Teaching the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad what to prescribe to Us as a people.

And one of those things was the importance of separation

That it is time for Us to have Our own.

~ Your Brother

*What the Muslims Want Point #4

            4. We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own—either on this continent or elsewhere. We believe that our former slavemasters are obligated to provide such land and that the area must be fertile and minerally rich.  We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25 years—until we are able to produce and supply our own needs.

                 Since we cannot get along with them in peace and equality, after giving them 400 years of our sweat and blood and receiving in return some of the worst treatment human beings have ever experienced, we believe our contributions to this land and the suffering forced up on us by White America, justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or territory of our own.


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