Meet the people who make it happen

Janiah Adams
Co-Founder & Editor

Janiah Adams is a 22-year-old freelance writer and journalist in Miami. She recently graduated from Florida International University with a B.S. in Communications and has a passion for writing, reading and photography.

Anisah Muhammad
Co-Founder & Editor

Anisah Muhammad is a junior journalism major and biology and chemistry minor at Mercer University. She is a self-published author of three books—Escaping the Chains, Chasing God, and Jewels to Jannah—a contributing writer for the Final Call Newspaper, a spoken word poet, and a born and raised member of the Nation of Islam.

Amanda Bazil
Contributing Writer

Amanda Bazil is currently a senior studying broadcast media at Florida International University. A creative mind of many talents, she fell in love with the written word at an early age and has been hooked ever since. Currently, she serves as both the opinion radio host for FIU's student radio and the president of FIU's Association of Black Media.

Yasin Muhammad
Contributing Writer

Yasin Muhammad is a 20-year-old student at Broward Community College studying Air Traffic Control. He's also a proud member of the Nation of Islam and is striving to help make Black and impoverished communities a decent place to live, under the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Tariqah Shakir
Contributing Writer

Tariqah Shakir was born in Centreville, Illinois but considers Chicago home. She's currently studying for her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design while minoring in English. Writing and traveling are her favorite hobbies.

Jarron X
Contributing Poet

Jarron X is originally from Louisiana. He came into the Nation of Islam shortly after moving to the College Park, GA area. He's also the former Student Protol Director at Muhammad Mosque #15B. He's always had a "say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done" mentality. He's constantly looking for ways for Black people to express themselves, especially in the proper light.

Lukpata Lomba Joseph
Contributing Writer

Lukpata Joseph is a 21-year-old student at the University of Port Harcourt. He is currently studying for his bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is a poet and essayist. He started writing while in high school and was one of the three recipients of Carnival Calabar Essay Writing Award, 2013 (Secondary category). Some of his poems have appeared or are upcoming in Caustic Frolic-a journal sponsored by the New York University’s Centre for Experimental Humanity, and Vox Poetica. His greatest hobby is writing. He also finds pleasure in reading Aesop’s fables.