Submission Guidelines/FAQ

Thank you so much for wanting to submit your unique piece to Joshua’s Truth! We love showcasing the talents and points of views of others. Before submitting, please make sure you follow the guidelines listed below to make the process quick and easy.

Please note that submission guidelines differ depending on which section you are submitting for. Please make sure you read the correct guidelines for your submissions.


Please don’t send us a fully written article, but rather, send us a pitch. Like most magazines, we don’t take every single article that is submitted to us, so it’s best to send us a pitch detailing what your article is about. Listed below are some guidelines you should follow when crafting your pitch:

  • All pitches should be e-mailed to
  • Your pitch should be concise – no more than 200-250 words.
  • Although it should be concise, please start off with a hook. Make us excited about your piece!
  • Clearly lay out what you want your article to be about. You can also include relevant links for reference.
  • When emailing your pitch, the subject line should be “Pitch (section)  – ” and then your proposed headline. For example: “Pitch (opinion) – Why guns should be banned in schools”
  • Please do a little bit of research on our website to make sure we haven’t already covered the topic you’re pitching us.
  • After receiving your pitch, we hope to get back to you after a couple of days. You can follow up with us after three days.
  • If we accept your pitch, we’ll send you an email with a word count, deadline and we may also offer some advice and ideas on how we’d like to see the piece so it will best fit our platform.
  • Please send a brief bio of yourself. It can include your name, age, interests, school/major, etc.



If you want to submit an arts piece (poem, short story, essay, song lyrics, artwork, photography, etc.) you do not need to send us a pitch. Here are other guidelines you can follow:

  • Send your full piece with the name and the title to
  • Please, no profanity or derogatory language.
  • Please send a brief bio of yourself. It can include your name, age, interests, school/major, etc.
  • Please make sure that the art you send belongs to you. Make sure that the photos are your own. Copyright is real.


Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to be a contributor for Joshua’s Truth. What should I do?

Send us a pitch! Check the submission guidelines for the section you’d like to contribute to.


Is Joshua’s Truth currently accepting regular contributors?

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor for Joshua’s Truth, we are open to having that conversation with you. We do monitor writers’ performance before taking them on as a regular contributor, unless we extended the offer. Please send an e-mail to detailing your background in writing. Please also attach work samples and inform us of your preferred writing categories.


Do contributors get paid?

Joshua’s Truth contributors operate on a volunteer basis. Contributors are not monetarily compensated, but get to walk away with writing samples for their portfolios/resumes.


Who does Joshua’s Truth take submissions from?

Joshua’s Truth takes submissions from anyone who is original. We define original as Black, Latino/Hispanic, Native and Asian people. We especially encourage original youth between the ages of 14 and 28 to submit.


How quickly will we look at your piece?

We will try to review your piece within three days.


Will my piece definitely get published?

Although we appreciate your submission, we review all pieces to ensure that it fits with the culture and mission of Joshua’s Truth. If we decide not to publish your piece, we will follow up with you via e-mail and let you know the reasons why.


Can I submit a press release for post-event coverage?

Yes, but also refer to the previous question.